Why inverse condemnation is one of the most American things we do

Over the last five months, corporate executives from PG&E and SCE have been lobbying the Governor and California State Legislature to take away fire victims’ ability to enforce their constitutional, Eminent Domain rights in order to reduce their corporate liability for causing the 2017 fires.

By John Fiske


Big utilities are desperately trying to stick customers for the bills from California wildfires

The utilities, which earned a combined $3 billion in profits last year on nearly $41 billion in revenues, are moving on several fronts to limit their liability for wildfires sparked by their own lines or equipment. Their goal is to stick taxpayers or their customers — rather than their own shareholders — for the costs of damages resulting from those fires.

By Michael Hiltzik


Let PG&E ‘off the hook’ for wildfire costs? If not, your utility bills could rise

Today, California utilities could be on the hook for billions of dollars in damages if investigators connect their equipment to what became the largest and most destructive wildfires in state history.

By Taryn Luna


Wildfires, insurance: Avoid the quick fix

After a barrage of devastating wildfires raged across our state in recent months, it is time for all Californians to accept a sobering fact: this is the new normal.

By Christian Rataj


Why is California rebuilding in fire country? Because you’re paying for it.

After last year’s calamity, officials are making the same decisions that put homeowners at risk in the first place.

By Christopher Flavelle

The San Diego Union-Tribune

Property owners in high-risk fire zones should pay more for fire insurance

California’s natural environment is changing and becoming more fire-prone. But insulating those at risk from the impacts of this shift from the true cost of the risks that they now confront cuts against California’s otherwise enlightened approach to climate awareness.

By Ian Adams

The Napa Valley Register 

One fast-moving homeowner begins rebuilding house incinerated by Atlas Fire

Here’s a sign of rebirth amid the devastation of the Atlas, Nuns and Tubbs fires – Joe Betz has started rebuilding his Silverado area home.

By Barry Eberling