What others are saying about the utilities’ attempt to shift liabilities onto Californians

Don’t Make Ratepayers Pay for PG&E Wildfire Negligence

The Mercury News Editorial Board 

PG&E is a convicted felon with a reputation as the least-trusted utility in California. Cal Fire’s announcement Friday blaming the company for multiple Northern California fires last October adds to the outrage. … When PG&E rakes in profits, shareholders reap the benefits. But if PG&E fails to perform to state standards, if its actions lead to fatalities and property devastation, shareholders — and not ratepayers — should bear the cost.

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PG&E Doesn’t Deserve a Bailout

San Francisco Chronicle Editorial Board 

Despite Cal Fire’s conclusions, PG&E maintained that its “overall programs met our state’s high standards." Given the gathering evidence to the contrary, lawmakers should look to protect the public from PG&E instead of rushing to rescue the company from itself. 

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Be Careful, Legislature: Utilities must be responsible for mistakes

San Diego Union Tribune Editorial Board

"The San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial Board has vigorously opposed efforts to make ratepayers pay for mistakes made by California’s three giant investor-owned utilities. Giving electricity providers an incentive to cut corners on safety is an awful idea. … The state Legislature should do absolutely nothing to make PG&E, Edison or SDG&E think that their obligations to operate safely have been reduced in any way." 

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